Grubtastical ceviche. You're welcome.

Tarantula Food: “WOWZAVICHE”

I get a lot of requests for this ceviche recipe, so this is what you’ll need for a delectable exploration into grublandia:


Tilapia – 2 lbs fresh as possible. (Other acceptable fish: snapper, halibut, most white fish) I’ve done 3 lbs for about 10 -12 people before as well. Shit stays good for a day or 2, so making too much isn’t much of a problem. Bad fish will make you sick. Hasn’t happened to me – knock on wood – but remember people: safety first.

Limes – squeeze em before you buy em. As in hold one in your had and squeeze it (you’re not juicing it yet). If they’re soft, they’re juicy. If their hard, they suck. You’ll need more limes if they’re hard. I would get 1.5 – 2 lbs of limes. Size & quantity doesn’t really matter on this. You’re going for right around 500ml of juice.

Avocado – I used 3 whole avos today. Pretty fu*king good.

Red Onion – 1 medium sized minced.

Mango – 2. Riper the better. Duh.

Olive Oil – 2-4 tablespoons. This is not exact science…



Grubtastical ceviche. You're welcome.
Grubtastical ceviche. You’re welcome.


Chips – Maybe a bit of salt to taste, but I recommend just getting Casa Sanchez chips from Walgreens:
Get the “Thick n crispy” ones. With the right chips, no salt is needed.

Tapatio – a must have. really pulls everything together.


1. Squeeze limes.

2. Cut fish into 1/2 – 1/4 inch cubes. Small is good cause more lime touches the surface of the fish that way and “cooks” it. It’s actually called denaturation:  & technically, it’s not cooking. It’s changing the chemical make up of the proteins, or some shit like that.

3. Once that is done, put the lime juice on the fish in a big bowl & stir it up. The fish will be submerged in the lime if you did it right. If it’s not, you need a better container or more lime juice. Cover and let sit in the fridge for 1hr – 1:20 or so. Drain lime juice off when done. Take cubed mango & avo + minced onion + olive oil & throw it all in. Stir & serve it up! – with chips & Tapatio of course. Enjoy eating awesomeness.



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